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Very rad.

I don't know, it's... rad. Highly rad.

Not my thing.

I guess if it had stuck to a stricter sense of logic in its argumentation it might have been better, but I doubt it.

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A solid entry in a crowded field.

At this point we've all played the angle/power game a million times but this has a couple of frills. First of all the setting is original. Second there's an added interactive quality that I've never seen before, in terms of the basic principles of the game. Definitely a step forward.


Very, VERY awesome.


Terrifying. If Ed Gorey had been born twenty years ago, molested in his nascent years and trained in flash, he'd be making shit like this today.

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Better than Electric Pistol, by far. I can envision some dude rhyming on it- not me, though.

Well done, but not my thing.

I willingly concede that this type of music is not really my thing. Being as objective as I can possibly be, it sounds a little timid to me. This could possibly be because of the slowness of the tempo, or the thinness of those strings. But I am definitely impressed by the polished sound. It is definitely pretty thoroughly concieved. Overall I say good work (although I really don't know what the diversity rating is suposed to refer to).

ZooL152004 responds:

LOL, who does, thanks for being open minded though and giving a good score. if there is a certain song genre you want me to base a track off, write a review for another song and tell me. i'd like to be a very varied artist than an, only good at one song type artist. thanks for the review


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Meticulous, sad.

There's quite a lot of detail- that's what I noticed first. But the detailing is also quite repetitive. My impression is of an artist fixated on a particular grievance or tragedy. In the center-left is the clearest iteration of a some sort of symbol, and the rest of the wavelengths are seemingly noise that contribute to the repitition of the symbol. But there's that clear beacon, signifying some kind of tragedy that time eventually confuses into a blur but is nonetheless immutable and unforgettable.

Stay in school, kids.

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